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I have a question – Hi, I’m just wondering what time the bars close in S.Padre Island
Loco Louie says… 2:00am

I have a question – I would like to purchase a gift certificate via eamil. Is this possible using a credit card to purchase this over the internet. Let me know what I need to do. Thanks.
Loco Louie says… Dan, Give us a call (956) 761-6406

I have a question – We will be there during 4th of July weekend. I was wondering if there is still a place to rent 4 wheelers and things like that. We are also looking for information on parasailing. Thanks
Loco Louie says… Yes you can rent 4 wheelers on the island.

I have a question – I am thinking about taking a trip down to South Padre with my friends after our high school graduation this spring. Just wondering how old you have to be in order to go to the different attractions in Louie’s Backyard, as some of us are 18, and some are 17.
Loco Louie says… 18 after 10pm

I have a question – Loco Louie what is the name of the “hurricane on steriods” as i was told and how is it made? Great drink!!
Loco Louie says… Julian, The drink is called a Charlie’s Cherry.

I have a question – hello! I just have a few questions. First of all, is south padre island nice? and is it populated? and are their many resorts and hotels there? last thing is louies backyard new? thank you.
Loco Louies says… It’s an Island of course it’s nice!Lots of hotels and Condos. Louie’s family likes the Isla Grand Beach Resort. Louie’s Backyard opened back in 1975.

 I have a question – What age do you have to be to get in on a sunday night? Thanx
Loco Louie says… Best thing to do is call the week your coming (956) 761-6406

I have a suggestion – Hello Loco Louie, I have a question, I have been to your restaurant many times and have often wondered why can’t we have a restaurant like this in Corpus Christi. Have you thought of this? Please say yes and that you are looking to it.
Loco Louie says… Ceasar, Maybe Someday.

I have a suggestion – my family and I are comimg to s. padre on 7/20/06. we want to come to louie’s, however we have 2 grandchildren ages 5 and 11. my question is will we be allowed to bring them into the sports bar?
Loco Louies says… Ronny, Everyone is welcome in the sports bar until 10 pm, After 10 you have to be 21 years of age or older.

I have a question – Is there anywhere on the island where we can go bungee-jumping?
Loco Louies says… Heather You can bungee on the second tallest tower in North America across the street from Louie’s.

I have a question – Whats the age limit to get in?
Loco Louies says… Its 18 to get in after 10:00